We believe in Santa Claus over here in our home and we also believe in THE ELF ON THE SHELF. On Thanksgiving night, our elf flies in from the North Pole and stays with us until Christmas Eve. He flies home each night to Santa, reporting whether we have been naughty or nice. We love this tradition; it helps to remind us all when we are about to misbehave 🙂 Spencer loves this tradition so much, that each morning before breakfast, he looks to see where the elf is hiding. Sometimes he is on the book shelves, other times he is atop lampshades, or like this day, on the coffee table next to Santa. I’d love to hear your ELF ON THE SHELF STORES…PLEASE TELL…XO

Spanish As A Second Language

If you are teaching your child/children a 2nd or even a 3rd language, this is a great way to supplement any curriculum you are using. We visit the library frequently and check out DVD’s. A lot of DVD’s translate into Spanish and French. Yesterday we brought home these 5 DVD’s. It is amazing how quickly children can pick up words and phrases when watching a TV show. Now, don’t misunderstand….I am not a huge fan of television for kids, but this has certainly helped us with Spencer’s Spanish. After living in Argentina and having him 100% immersed in the Spanish language, it is a struggle to keep it going with him being back home in San Diego. We also listen to Spanish Songs while driving in the car, that he really enjoys. If you are working with your children on another language and would like to share any tips with me, I would love to hear them. Drop me a note…
Have a wonderful, fabulous Friday everyone and thank you for stopping by! xoxo

This is what our Monday looked like: A fabulous late morning in Balboa Park at the Science Center and then an afternoon of frozen yogurt before our 2 1/2 hour violin lesson. These are 3 of Spencer’s violin buddies. Aren’t they all darling?! Love them all so much! I hope y’all had a wonderful day. xoxoxo

Tis the season for knitting and roasted vegetables…

Dinner tonight = Roasted brussel sprouts, cauliflower, red bell peppers, sweet onion, carrots,sweet potato…spray a tad bit of oil, shake on some salt and roast 375 degree oven for approximately 35 minutes, depending on your desired doneness. I love my brussel sprouts really dark so I bake mine a bit longer. ENJOY!

AND for the yarn…..stay tuned….to see what this yarn turns into!

Happy Tuesday everyone! xo

FREE IN-N-OUT hamburgers….

Okay Mom’s….here is nice tidbit today…Go to your local library and pick up a “Cover to Cover Club” Reading Log. “IN-N-OUT” is giving free hamburgers away for every 5 books that your child reads. I believe, up to 3 per child. We picked our log up last week and Spencer has completed 5 books, so we are turning in our log to the library today. The library will give us a certificate that we take to IN-N-OUT and Spencer will get a free hamburger. A very special treat in deed! The log the library gave us has room for 15 books, so you can wait until your child has read 15 books and receive 3 free hamburgers…up to you. Either way it’s a nice incentive. ENJOY~!

This promotion runs October 6 thru November 17th.~ xo

Cake Walk….

This Saturday, October 20th is our school’s Annual Fall Carnival. The kids are really excited. A day filled with rides, games, prizes…what more could children ask for? I wanted to do my part to support the school so I put together my usual M&M cake for the cake sale. It takes quite a lot of time to place the m&m’s, but the end result is so pretty. Spencer says it looks like embroidery work. That’s it for today my friends…a day in the life of a “Stay At Home Mom”…I am truly blessed. xo

Happy Halloween Banner

I made this banner for Spencer’s classroom today. I think it came out really cute. I hope the teacher likes it. I even hope she hangs it before Halloween so the kids can it enjoy it for awhile! I like it so much, I may even make one for our home! Have a great day everyone! xo

P.S. I added some bling to each of the felt flags; what do you think? Please leave me some “blog love” and let me know. xoxo


Decorated Pumpkin #1


Here is the first completed pumpkin. I picked rhinestones and fabric trims that I had and hot glued them around the painted chalk area. Voila! Spencer has his little pumpkin to decorate, so when that is complete I will post that as well. Happy Wednesday everybody~~!! Today is my day for lunch duty at school. I so look forward to these, because I get the opportunity to see what my son does at school; who he interacts with and get to know his friends. Tonight we are going to a cooking lesson at “Jimbo’s”. They are preparing healthy snacks and treats and I am always open to more healthy snack ideas…..stop by if you live near a Jimbos store. There is no cost for the lesson. xo