Okay mom’s out there, you are probably going to say I am crazy, but I will share what our morning was like today. At 5:48 Spencer walked into our room and ohhhhhhhhh so politely asked if he had “permission” to go downstairs and watch Curious George. How could I resist those manners? I knew he probably had gotten enought sleep…after all he was sent to bed early last night ( no need for those details right now ) and he was fast asleep by 8:00pm. So, against my usual “go lie back in bed for awhile”, I let him go watch cartoons. I soon joined him with my cup of tea and we snuggled. One of my favorite things to do with my 7 year old. Well, fast forward to 7:00am….Daddy has left for work and what to do? Well, start the building the Gingerbread House of course. So we did. We constructed the walls and will decorate with candy later today.

Just had to share what our morning was like. You never know, this may happen to you tomorrow and now you have it all planned out, right?

Make it a great day everyone; 13 days before Santa Claus arrives! xoxo