Another wonderful blessing of being a STAY AT HOME MOM is I get to tend to my gardens. The rewards I reap are fabulous. Well, this morning while checking out the veggies and flowers look what I found enjoying my tomatillo plant. My husband removed one of these over the weekend, and I thought our plant was ready to thrive again. But 4 more of these worms were found this morning. Thanks to my fabulous, wonderful friend Brenna, who came to my screaming rescue and removed the worms for me. Now, if you have never encountered these HORNED WORMS before, they are stubborn. Shooting a hose at them full force did not remove them. They grip leaves and if you don’t want to damage your plants, it is very difficult to get them off. I will be checking this plant again tomorrow morning and let y’all know what I find….hopefully just some healthy tomatillos, ready to be made into Salsa!! Yummy. Have a fabulous day everyone! xoxo