Yes, one of the downfalls of having the canyon in your back yard are all the critters that come and pay you a visit. Daddy put a couple gopher traps out after our backyard was invaded with gopher holes. We were very surprised when this little guy got his hand caught in our trap! So the gentle soul that my husband is, he pulled the gopher out of trap, into a bucket and saved him. Not something many people would choose to do,, that is for sure! Spencer and Daddy took a very long walk into a different side of the canyon and let the critter go. I can’t say I would have done the same thing, what about you??? xo Enjoy your day everyone.

I am off to pick up some birthday gifts for parties Spencer has been invited to. All of his friends are turning 7 years old….I wish the time would slow down. Another reason for my blog is I hope to be able to capture more of our day to day life to give me something look back on…..Thanks for checking in on my blog…come back soon and leave me some comments, I love to hear from y’all! xo